Bodysthenics Wrist Wraps (NEW GOLD & BLUE)

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(AVAILABLE) The bodysthenics official wrist wraps promise to deliver Top Class Wrist support to all bodyweight/calisthenics athletes ! 100% cotton and suitable for indoor and outdoor training environments ! ORDER YOURS NOW !


  • Wrist Wraps absorb 70-80% of the tension going into your wrists at any given time
  • Wrist wraps give you more stability hence increase your performance while performing bodyweight movements
  • Wrist wraps REDUCE chances of INJURY. Wrist wraps have tremendously positive benefits for training static elements such as planche & front lever. Your wrists (particularly in planche) are in constant abduction, meaning that they are taking constant pressure in a vulnerable position. The wrist wraps stabilize your wrist by 70-80 % while reduce risk of injury by absorbing the tension going into your wrist
  • Training with wrist wraps is vital in maintaining adequate and safe support while training calisthenics
  • Strengthening your wrists is not enough if you don’t also have support around your wrists while doing so
  • Long-Term training with wrist wraps enables you to train more efficiently & effectively
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Bodysthenics Wrist Wraps (NEW GOLD & BLUE)
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