Bodysthenics is the first Online Global Calisthenics Academy which was founded in 2018.

Bodysthenics Coaches and elite calisthenics athletes George and Jonny, train aspiring calisthenics athletes online, from all around the world. They use a powerful Online Coaching platform to help athletes understand how to apply corrective calisthenics techniques into their training. If your goal is to become a full time calisthenics athlete, and drop the gym weights forever, then Bodysthenics is for you!

Bodysthenics is a calisthenics academy which has created a new and unique (never seen before) concept of calisthenics training, whereby every athlete grows into a stronger version of themselves through the understanding of their own body strength/sthenos. Bodysthenics are experts in helping athletes achieve perfect form and finding the right training structure, for any level calisthenics athlete.


Jonny is an advanced calisthenics athlete who started working out back in 2015 when he bought his first pair of dumbells.

Falling in love with fitness he started doing more research about it until he stumbled across this new way of training called “calisthenics” using nothing but your own bodyweight.

After a while of doing just pushups and pullups he immediately saw the benefits on his body and realised that he found a new passion.

Working out all by himself he really wanted to find more people that were into the sport until one day he randomly met George in a Calisthenics park in Athens.

Ever since then they started working out together and became really close friends. Now George and Jonny are working hard on their dreams, making Bodysthenics international and worldwide known.


George Abatzidis is the founder of Bodysthenics. This bodyweight training concept was created in 2015, a method to serve athletes (from all fitness backgrounds and levels) .

George believes that calisthenics is a newly found sport which is in urgent need of knowledge so that people have a solid foundation to pursue the sport. This website serves as a platform for unfound and untold knowledge in Calisthenics & Streetworkout.

Since 2015, George has been travelling the globe as an international trainer and competitive athlete seeking knowledge and experiencing the sport of street workout on the highest level. He has taken part in the highly recognised street workout competition (BATTLE OF THE BARS) in May of 2017 and has trained and competed alongside some of the greatest athletes of the sport such as Osvaldo Lugones, Eric Ortiz, Kamenov, Nordinworkout, Tatted Strength and many more.

Upon arriving in Greece in the summer of 2017, George was seeking to find out how much the sport had been developed in his country of heritage. So he dedicated his life over the year of 17′ touring all over the country on a mission to find athletes at various parks. He stumbled across many athletes to his surprise and then decided to begin his first business venture by creating Bodysthenics in Greece’s northern Capital, Thessaloniki.

Today Bodysthenics has a strong foundation of young athletes and wishes to serve its method to the world via the online website