The inverted row serves as an excellent exercise athletes looking to boost their Front Lever strength as the movement pattern is identical to that of the Front Lever pull-up with the only difference being the positioning of the legs, which makes the exercise less intense and more suitable for beginner and intermediate Calisthenics athletes.

⚠️ The most common mistake athletes make when attempting the inverted row is that they round the back either at the top or bottom phase of the movement. This takes tension off our retractors while placing our scapula in a vulnerable position. In order to benefit most out of this exercise, it is vital that we always maintain proper scapula retraction as well as a strong false grip, so that we are able to bring our hips to the bar each rep more efficiently.

When performing the inverted rows, it is vital that our hips always remain in a straight horizontal line with our shoulders and that we do not lose the correct muscle engagement as we pull. At the start, it might feel challenging to pull all the way up, but with time and correct practice, full range of motion will be achieved.

Keep in mind to never rush your reps and always ensure quality execution. If you find that your scapula is sinking or that your hips are dropping during your repetitions, it’s suggested that you rest and restart the exercise with correct form. Remember that this exercise emulates the same engagement as with the Front Lever, so it’s vital that we begin practicing correctly and the strength/mind muscle connection we build will be easily transferable to more advanced pulling skills later on.

The inverted row can also be combined with the actual Front Lever holds, to further boost the intensity of our sets, which makes it a splendid exercise for athlete of all levels. Try this unique and very challenging set out!

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